WIDIA VariDrill >
The new VariDrill advanced point geometry design offers the ultimate solution
for multipurpose drilling operations. If offers dependable tool life in all materials
due to less chipping on the cutting edge.

M370 Series >
Designed for high feed rate productivity, M370 Series provides the latest insert
technology with outstanding performance and reliability.Its double-sided concept and six cutting edges provide security and optimal metal removal with
an efficient cost per edge.

WIDIA Victory Turning Grades and New Geometries >
Specifically engineered multi layercoating provides high-speed capability for
finishing to roughing operation. New geometries enhance chip control for
better tool life and superior finishes.

M1200 Series >
The WIDIA M1200 Face Mill Series, the global leader in face milling technology,
offers the M1200, M1200 Mini and M1200 High-Feed product lines that ensure
maximum productivity.